How to make a reservation at a contracted medical institution by phone

We have started accepting reservations for 2022 health check-ups. Please follow the process below to make a reservation at a contracted medical institution.
※Please ensure to call a contracted medical institution yourself to make a reservation and register the reservation information on the health check-up system.
※If registration to the system is not completed then, the reservation status will remain uncompleted and considered a non-reservation.

How to make a reservation by phone


This is ○○ hospital.


I am ●● of ◎◎ company, which belongs to Rakuten Health Insurance Association. I would like to make a reservation for a health check-up.
I want to take the △△ course and the ▲▲ option.

※If you require options then, please confirm with the medical institution concerned how much you will need to pay yourself.

※Please make the call with your health insurance card ready at hand so that you can readily tell them your health insurance card code and number.


You can make a reservation on □□ (day and month).


Please make a reservation at ○○ (time), on ○○ (day and month).

※If you are asked the name of the agency (outsourcing contractor) by the medical institution then, please anser “Seikokai”.

※The reservation is not completed yet. Please proceed with the following step.

Please do the following after you have made a reservation:

  • Access the Registration Form for Health Check-up Reservation Information to register the details of the reservation.
    Please keep a record (memo, etc.) of the information required for the registration (name of the medical institution, health check-up course, reservation date, optional tests) when you make a reservation at a medical institution so that there will be not mistake in the registered information.
    ※The registered information will be provided to SEIKOKAI Health Management Center Co., Ltd., the agency in charge of health check-ups, and the agency will control the progress of the health check-up reservations.
  • ・Please take the health check-up kit sent from the medical institution and your health insurance card with you on the day when you will have the health check-up.