Overview of Implementation

①Rakuten Baseball, Inc. ②Rakuten Bank, Ltd. ③Rakuten Trust Co., Ltd. 
④Rakuten Vissel Kobe, Inc. ⑤Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. 
⑥Rakuten Card Partners Co., Ltd. ⑦KAJIYAMA WAREHOUSE CO., LTD 
⑧Rakuten Paiment Co., Ltd ⑨Rakuten Books Network Co., Ltd.
Employees of the companies listed above: Please follow the instructions of your company on receiving health check-ups.
Reservation information does not need to be registered on this system.

Reservation Process

Telephone reservations

Online reservations
(Only available at select medical institutions)

※"Step02" Registration of appointment information (or web reservation) is available only once in a fiscal year.
If you wish to reschedule or cancel your reservation,
please contact the medical institution first.
Afterwards, please be sure to inform SEIKOKAI of any changes
so we can update your records accordingly.
Telephone: 03-3973-0810 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (weekdays)

Notice from Rakuten Clinic

If you wish to have a health check-up at the Rakuten Clinic then, please click the button below to make a reservation.
※1 If you have already had a health check-up in 2022, then you cannot make a reservation.
※2 Only the basic health check-up course is available (In addition, only fecal occult blood test is available as an option).
(Gynecologic check-ups are not available.)
※3 Only insured persons can have the health check-ups (does not include voluntarily continued insurance members).
※4 If you reserved fecal occult blood test as an option, you need to pay co-payment at the counter.

Newly arrived
Fiscal year 2023 Notification for Women's lifestyle-related diseases prevention health check-ups

It is possible to take a health checkup only for women who optional continuation insured person or women dependents.
Optional continuation insured person and dependent spouse are no age restrictions.
Dependents other than spouse are over 30 years old(Age as of March 31, 2024)

Application period: From December 1 (Thu) 2022 to until January 17 (Tue) 2023
Checkup period: From April 1 (Sat) 2023 to until August 31 (Wed) 2023

Note) Application deadline will be January 17 (Tue) 2023, so please be careful.
A guide will be correspondence only of Japanese.
We have prepared an English explanation, so please apply while seeing [English sample].
【An application will be starting on December 1 (Thu) 2022. 】

This application is for FY2023. Please note that until the end of March 2024, even if you receive another medical examination, you will not be eligible for additional assistance.

An application is here English Sample The guidance and the day
of health checkup, here

Purpose of registering information concerning health check-up reservations

Seikokai will control any information that is needed for health check-ups. We aim to thereby increase the check-up rate and ensure that Rakuten KENPO members can make reservations at medical institutes for health check-ups there in a smooth manner.

Outsourcing contractor
[SEIKOKAI Health Management Center Co., Ltd.]

The company works in cooperation with Seikokai to control reservations, organize health check-up visits and the results of health check-ups, and general health management with the purpose of ensuring the health of the Rakuten Group employees and their families in 2022. It has been entrusted with implementing control of health check-up visits.
You will basically need to make a reservation at a medical institute yourself and register that information on the [Registration Form for Health Check-up Reservation Information].
Click here to see how to make a reservation

■The Spread of COVID-19 and The Implementation Status of Health Check-Up at Contracted Medical Institutions
Due to Coronavirus COVID-19, medical institutions may be closed or changed test items.
Please confirm with the medical institution directly when making a reservation.
Regarding consultation, please follow the guidance of the each medical institution.

・If you experience fever symptoms or are in poor physical condition, please cancel your appointment for consultation.
・When you go to hospital, please be sure to wear a mask.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, it may be difficult to make a reservation for a check-up this year.
Please contact the hospital as soon as possible regardless of when you plan to get a check-up.
(Please note that if your reservation is late, you may not be able to make an appointment within the designated period.)

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