About health check-ups

I would like to apply for a health check-up. What is the procedure?
How do I know which health check-up course I can take?

  • ① If you are an employee of Rakuten Group, Inc. then, click here.
  • ② If you are a dependent or voluntarily continued insurance member then, click here.
  • ③ If you are an employee of another business establishment then, click here.

I cannot find the medical institution I used last year in the list.

  • Medical institutions that declined a contract in negotiations for contracts for 2023 are not included in the list.
    Please select a medical institution from the medical institution list to receive a health check-up.

Do I have to cover any expenses?

When you have a health check-up at a contracted medical institution, you may have to make a payment at the counter on the day of the health check-up.
If you are an insured person, ensure to obtain a receipt in the “company’s name + your name” and then submit the documents to your business establishment later in the specified way.
When you choose a course that is not covered or options then, you may need to bear the expense of thems.
Please verify the information provided by the individual business establishment and the amounts you will need to pay at the counter stated in the contracted medical institution list.
※Women’s Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Check-ups is not need to pay copayment. (spouses and female dependents over 30 / voluntarily continued insurance members, please make a copayment at the counter.)

If I forget to register a Registration Form for Health Check-up Reservation Information, what will happen?

If you forget to register, you can not confirm your eligibility as a subscriber.
As a result, you can not receive health check-up grant from the Rakuten Kenpo , and all the examination fees to be determined at each medical institutions will be paid by yourself. Please note that.

How do I cancel or change the health check-up schedule?

  • ① Please contact the medical institution you made a reservation at to change or cancel the schedule. In addition, if you have made a reservation on the Web then, ensure to follow the same procedure.
    ※If you have canceled a health check-up then, you will need to make another reservation. Please make another reservation at a medical institution.
  • ② After contacting the medical institution then, please ensure to inform Medi Clover Co., Ltd. of the change.
    If there are any changes after your registration, please inform Medi Clover Co., Ltd., Medi Clover Co., Ltd. will update your records accordingly.
    (The system doesn't allow you to register twice.)
    Phone: 03-3973-0810 
    9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays (closed on weekends and holidays)
    E-Mail: raku-ken@seikokai.co.jp
    [Required information] Your name, name of company, name of medical institution, planned date of health check-up, health check-up course, contact, and cancellation or schedule change.

When will I receive a preparatory package from the medical institution?

Scheduled plan is for it to be sent from the individual medical institution after your application has been confirmed.
If it has not been delivered at the latest one week before the day of the health check-up then, please contact the medical institution.
※Contents of the preparatory package: health check-up registration sheet (questionnaire), instructions, access information, test kit.
The contents may differ depending on the individual medical institution. Some medical institutions do not send any packages in advance.
Please confirm when making the reservation whether you will receive any health check-up packages or not, and exactly what you will receive.

I would like the results of the health check-up to be reissued, where should I contact for it?

Please contact the medical institution which you received a health check-up directly.
※If you received a mobile health checkup, please contact the following number.
Medi Clover Co., Ltd.
03-3973-0810 (English) 9:00~16:00 on weekdays

I don’t know what I am supposed to do in order to receive a health check-up in a smooth manner.

A document describing matters for attention when taking a health check-up is included in the preparatory package.
The contents may differ depending on the individual medical institution. If you have any questions then, please contact the medical institution you will have the health check-up at.

When I called a medical institution for a reservation, I was asked the name of the agency (outsourcing contractor). What should I answer?

When you apply for a health check-up by registering reservation information on this web system then, please answer “Medi Clover Co., Ltd.”

There were instructions to have a [Re-examination / detailed examination] in the health check-up results I received. What am I supposed to do now?

You will need to have a re-examination or detailed examination as an outpatient as soon as possible. Please ensure to take your health insurance card and the health check-up results with you when you see a specialist concerning the instructed test item.