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Other Rakuten health checkup person FY 2022

Medical examination reservation reception period

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 -
Friday, December 23, 2022

Medical examination period

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 -
Saturday, December 31, 2022

※The check-up must be completed within this period.

Flow from an application to a medical checkup check-up

※The check-up is optional.

  1. ① Confirm if you are eligible to get a health checkup eligible person by each company by the following “eligible persons”.
  2. ② Confirm with the medical checkup course for following medical examination menu, cost and medical institution to list of Contract Medical Institutions.
  3. ③ Please call yourself to your decided medical institution for reservation.
    ※If you are asked about the consignor from a medical institution、please answer with 「Seikokai」 Detail of telephone reservation method
  4. ※The reservation is not completed. It is manage your reservation and situation, Please register the contents which made a reservation on the telephone to 【Health Checkup Reservation Information Registration form】 Fill out the information required for a health checkup in the online "Health Checkup Reservation Information Registration" Form, and complete the application.
    ※Fill out the information required for a medical checkup in the online "Health Checkup Reservation Information Registration Form", and complete the application.
    Note! If you have reserved through the website, registration of health checkup reservation information form is unnecessary.
    Health Checkup
    Reservation Information
    Registration Form
  5. ⑤ 1. From a reserved medical institution, documents and a kit necessary to a medical checkup's check-up reach your home by about 1 week before of medical checkup check-up day.
    ※Please beforehand confirm it about documents and the kit.
    Also, contact to a medical institution when you have unclear point.
    ※Please confirm it to a reserved medical institution, when a kit does not arrive until one week ago.
  6. ⑥ Please receive medical examination with a reserved medical institution, bring a your health insurance card of the medical examination day.

Eligible persons

Be a member of a Rakuten Health Insurance Association as of the check-up date.

Examination cource

Examination menu of a medical check-up and eligible persons

Medical Examination course/option Insured Person Expense(included tax)
Desk adjustmentnt
course Basic medical checkup
Without age restriction
Helth Insurance association, designataion,
checkup (Human Dock)

30 years old and above
One day checkup (Human Dock)
35 years old and above
Funding Support Option Independent MR scan of the brain (MRI/MRA)
50 years old and above, funding support
once every 3 years only.
Independent CT scan of the lung
50 years old and above, funding support once every 3 years only.
Gynecologic examination A Cervical cancer screening
+clinical breast examination
+breast cancer check

Without age restriction
Gynecologic examination B Cervical cancer screening
※40 yeas old and above
+clinical breast examination
+breast cancer check

40 years old and above
Cervical cancer screening
※40 yeas old below
+clinical breast examination
+breast cancer check

40 years old below

※A cost will be self-paying because it isn't helped from a business establishment.
※The target age is the age as of the end of the fiscal year of the person who has a medical checkup (March 31, 2022). When reaching the target age by the last day of end of the fiscal year concerned when applying, even if reaching the target age, you can have the medical checkup and examination.
※Please check this about an examination item in each medical checkup course.
※The subsidy is applied to only one of a Gynecologic examination A and B.
 Please follow a guide from a medical checkup institution, about a notice before a check-up and a bringing thing of the check-up day.

Payment method

Please pay on the day at a reception desk.

About a contract medical isntitution list

For medical institutions that carry out the health check, please refer to the medical institution list.

List of contract
medical institutions